Friday Night Surprise

I was relaxing at home reading 30 Bangs, when I saw my phone light up. Earlier in the day I was texting with a girl from online. She mentioned that she had taken the day off and was relaxing all day. I sent her a text:

“You should have invited me over.”

Right before I sent that text I remember reading a quote from the book.

“Then again women continue to reward bold moves made by men…”

I had just gotten her number about a week previously. If you saw her profile, you would simply not think that she would want fast sex. Then again I am continuously surprised by which girls come through.

I thought nothing of it and continued with my day.

Then I get this:

“What are you up to tonight?”

I answered truthfully, and said I was just relaxing after a long week but…

“I’m up for grabbing a drink, let’s go out”

“Yeah that would be cool.”

Previously I had told her I wanted to check out this new bar in her town. She lived somewhat far, a solid 40 minutes from me. She then threw out that suggestion.

“Why don’t we meet at *******.”

It’s then that I had a decision to make. I have a rule, I only meet up with girls who are within a 15-20 mile radius. Years ago when I started online dating, I would just drive all over to meet up with girls. My results? Pretty fucking crappy. My game, appearance, and confidence were much worse back then. I was thinking whether I should break this rule.

A few things motivated me to pursue banging this girl with all my energy.

1. She looked cute, tall with dark hair.

2. I had not been laid in a few weeks.

3.  My instincts told me she was horny.

4. I had just read 30 Bangs, and felt extremely motivated.

With all these factors I agreed to go.

During the drive, I felt totally centered and confident. I told myself that this was in the bag already. I then reminded myself that this would be a good time to practice some moves from the book. The thing was getting laid with cute girls was not the problem. The problem was it would take two or three dates. Going for the home run on the first date still felt weird to me. Sure I’ve done it before and succeeded, but it still wasn’t part of me. I was hoping that reading the case studies in the book would help me with this.

I arrive at the bar and I notice a tall girl with a great body getting out of the car. My first thought was that she was hotter than her pictures. She had a short to medium length skirt, showing off long sexy legs. I later went on to find out that she used to be a volleyball player.

She gets in the bar before me and I walk in, she notices me right away and waves. I go to use the bathroom and get to work.

My date game is excellent. I’ve honed my skills by going on a ridiculous number of first dates. I remember when I first started I would make a pre-date checklist. I would literally have to remind myself to make certain moves. Nowaday’s it’s mostly habit.

I have a set game plan that I use almost every time. I start the conversation with simple observations about the bar/meeting place, then slowly up the teasing and humor. In the first 5 minutes or so I’m very talkative, this was a skill I needed to develop over the years because I’m naturally introverted. After 5-10 minutes I notice that the vast majority of women are very comfortable. I’ve been told that I have a ‘good guy face’ which I guess helps in establishing comfort and trust.

This girl had a really cool vibe. She was friendly, funny(a rare quality in a female), and most of all feminine. She was following my lead all night.

After about 3 hours the moment of truth arrived. I knew she lived a few minutes away, so I went for the gold.

“I’ve had too much to drink, I don’t think I can drive back for a little while. How about I crash on your couch for a little bit so I can sober up?”

“Hmm, well I don’t want you to drive back now because of the drinks, but at the same time I don’t want you to get the wrong impression.”

She continued.

“I don’t want you to come over expecting something that’s not going to happen.”

“No problem, it’ll only be a little while until I sober up.”

“Hmm, ok.”

So I get to her apartment, and we sit on the couch. She puts on the TV and we’re already close and touching at this point. After a few minutes we begin making out, our first kiss as I didn’t kiss her at the bar. I explore her body a bit with my hands, it’s excellent. During a short break in the action she says:

“I was wondering whether to show my boobs or my legs tonight…so I went with legs. Did you notice them at the bar? What do you think, nicest legs ever?” She gave me a sexy smile.

I have to admit that she was turning me on.

She gives me some resistance as I try to take her panties off.

“We need to stop this is way too much for a first date.”

“I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”

Then I just keep going anyway.

After a little more time, I grab her hand and say

“Let’s go.”

Then we go to her bedroom.


The next day, I was amazed how my mind completely internalized the case studies. I read the book three times in just a few days, and my mind had absorbed the information so completely that I was able to use it for myself.

I was also amazed by how similar the stories described in the book matched my experience(s). I’ve always suspected that game was pretty universal, but it wasn’t until reading that I really realized how much so. People are people, and there are so many patterns in our innate and socially learned behavior. The girl from Friday was an ex-volleyball player and asked my astrological sign like some of the girls in the book.  It was just eerie how similar things matched up.

The important thing I learned though was to always go for the gold and shoot for the stars.

Your Game Is Better Than You Think

“Wait so should I text or call her?” he asked.

“How did you meet this girl again?”

“Well I didn’t actually meet her yet.”


“Well, my friend knows this girl and he is trying to set me up with her so he gave me her number.”

“Get him to bring her to a bar. Does this girl even know you’re going to contact her?”

“Umm, no.”

“What the fuck man what kind of friend is this? Do you even know what she looks like?”

“Yeah I’ll show you a picture.”

(Shows me a girl who looks like she’s 250 lbs on his phone)

“Jesus Christ.”


“Nothing. It would be better if your friend actually introduced you to this girl personally. The way you’re going about this is just going to come off as strange.”

“I guess.”

“So let me get this straight, you’re going to randomly contact her when you could get an introduction. Not to mention she’s pretty big dude.”

“I don’t really know what else to do.”

“Holy RooshV.”

“RooshV? Who’s that?”

“He’s this middle eastern guy who slept with bunch of women. Look him up, heed his advice.”

“Ok how do I spell that?”

“It’s R-U-S-H-V-I.”

“Ok. So you never told me what to do, do I text or call?”

“Either way you’re screwed, but just text.”

Two Days Later

“Well she never texted me back.”

“What did you say?”

“I just told her the situation, told her my name was D**** and my friends name and that he thought we would be a match for each other and nothing.”

“I don’t know what to tell you man. I told you it was creepy to begin with.”

“You’re always meeting up with all these girls and you can’t give me any advice? And by the way I googled Rushvi and nothing came up.”

“That’s too bad.”

“I think I’ll go back on eharmony, rejection sucks.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

I had the above conversation with this dude who works in another department. He’s 33 years old. If anyone reading this is questioning themselves about their game just remember that guys like this still exist…even in 2012.  Maybe one day I’ll tell him about game.

Work Out

Lately, I’ve noticed that when I day game the girls are much more receptive to my game. Many times it seemed like they were expecting me to talk to them, like they had already mentally prepared the response to my opener. They were all smiles and eager to have a conversation. I’ve even begun to get flirty sideward glances from several girls during the day. Hmm this hasn’t been the norm and like the analytical person that I am I began to wonder why…

Am I going to different spots? Nope.

Did I change my game much? Nope, I’m pretty much following Day Bang.

I mean sure I’ve gotten better over the past two years, but it’s the same model.

Did I change my look? Not really.

So what the hell is going on?

Oh yeah I gained a solid 15 pounds in the past year. It’s most noticeable in my shoulders, arms, and chest. For nearly the first time I in my life I have people saying things like ‘You’re not thin at all, you look very fit.’

Could it be true? Girls are attracted to muscles?

Well the answer is yes. I believe that what’s happening is that the girls are giving me more time because I look better. I obviously don’t close all the girls I talk to, but my chat time and their responses have gone way up.

To all the players out there learn to work out and eat correctly. I didn’t start seeing gains until I began cooking and planning all my meals and following solid nutritional advice. I was working out hard, but my diet wasn’t up to par. Once both are in gear though, the results started coming fast.

Sure you can pull girls if your out of shape, but having an athletic look gets your foot in the door much faster.You know how seeing a girl in a tight shirt and outfit really gets us going? It’s the same thing here. Couple the look with game/conversational skills and it just get’s easier.

I’ll never look like Arnold, but I’m trying to make my body the best it can be and I’m noticing a difference.

My Intro To Game

My introduction to game started way back in 2002. Being bored in my college dorm room I googled ‘how to pick up girls.’ I found some material/forums and began reading. I probably studied for a few days before I went to practice. I remember talking to girls about ‘connecting’ and they were eating it up. I introduced some of the material to my roommate.

Ahh my old roommate let’s call him fratboy. Fratboy was pledging a fraternity at the time. Me and him were friends, but he was becoming more and more of a dick lately.  Shortly after finding about game online we went to a fraternity party and picked up this girl who decided to come home with both of us. We got her back to our dorm and had a few drinks. Before you knew it we were taking turns making out with her. It was obvious that she was willing to bang both of us. I didn’t want to see my roommate naked at the time so we went outside and flipped a coin to see who would hook up with her first, I ended up winning.

I went in and started making out with her again. She gave very little resistance as I unbuttoned her shirt and started fingering her. I was somewhat inexperienced at the time, but everything felt natural. We ended up having unremarkable sex. I remember being so proud of myself afterwards. All three of us were 19 year old college kids, having fun like college kids should.

I went outside to tag my roommate in, and as he was doing his thing I started to become paranoid. What if I get an STD?(I wrapped it up of course, but still) What type of girl would bang two guys in one night? I remember washing my fingers for a full ten minutes thinking they were infected with some type of incurable virus. The next morning my fingers still smelled like her.

That night totally changed my thinking about women. Over the next couple of years my successes in college were few and far between. I stopped reading about game until after I had graduated. It was then around 2006  that I found this site called DCBachelor. I remember reading some of the blog posts and thinking that the dude was hilarious, and his game advice resonated with me. Little did I know that a few years later I’d meet him in person.

Still I didn’t spend much time online reading about game. I read The Game and started doing approaches always at night. During that time I had quick successes and lots of relationships, some short and some long.

The biggest regret I have is getting into long term relationships over the years. After every break up, I felt as if my game would revert to zero. I’d feel like a complete newbie again, and it would always take a month or two to get back on track. It’s like when you stop working out for a while and you lose mass. When you get back into it your body has muscle memory and you get back to your previous weight fast.

Although I enjoyed the company of many of those girls, I never felt like I was experiencing any self growth. I always make the biggest strides when I’m down and out and fighting. When you have a girlfriend things become too comfortable.

I notice so many people just let themselves go after the get married or are in a long term relationship. Guys get beer guts, and the girls get fat. I’m of the philosophy to never stop learning, growing, and challenging yourself. Once you make that decision to just do the bare minimum it’s over. The mentality impacts the rest of your life.

If you keep going you’ll find strength and parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed. If you face challenges, fall flat on your face and still get up you’ll be a stronger person. I get no satisfaction from leading a ‘normal’ life. I originally got into the game to find a long term girlfriend I would eventually marry, but I no longer have this goal. I have too many things to experience. I guess for me there is no end game.

The Danger Of Success

It’s a new month and it’s been your best one yet. You’ve met up with so many girls that you’ve even forgotten some of their names. You put in a huge burst of energy at the beginning of the month and your now reaping the rewards. You were recently in a cold streak, but you can’t even remember it even though it was probably like three weeks ago. You’re basking in your own glory, what could possibly go wrong?

A lot actually.

When I’m down and out, I do everything I can to get back up. I put in extra effort to get what I want whether it be girls or anything else. Some people criticize game because their egos are too big. I remember this kid I knew said:

“I don’t go up to them, they have to come to me.”

Really bro?

Just how often do girls approach men who aren’t famous? I’ve actually surveyed girls I’ve dated about this out of curiosity. I give them the following scenario; you’re in a bar and the hottest guy you’ve ever seen walks in. Would you approach him? Their answers:

“I’d probably just look in his direction a few times and hope he notices me.”

“I might just stand close to him and hope he starts talking to me.”

“No way, I approached a random guy that was hot once and he shot me down, I’m never doing it again.”

So to the guys who say things like ‘They have to come to me.’ Have fun waiting while the rest of us are actually out hooking up.

There’s absolutely no way around working hard, approaching, going out, online dating, etc. when it comes to getting the girls that you want. The more you try, the more you will get.

There’s also a downside when you start getting good results…laziness. You got some cute girls who are keeping you satisfied, but how long before she pulls the ‘I need to know what we are’ card? It’s rare to find girls who are totally cool with casual sex for long periods of time. Eventually they grow attached and want something more. I think it’s bad karma to stick around say you want a relationship then cheat on her. When this happens to me I just let her go.

So even when you are basking in your own glory, you can’t stop the habits that got you there to begin with. You must keep working out, eating healthy, approaching, and improving your style. There’s no way around it. The wolf on the bottom of the hill is always hungrier than the wolf on top. If you want to stay on top you have to give it all your energy. If you’ll do you will keep being successful, instead of wondering what the fuck happened a month or so down the road.

Girls, The Gym Is Not A Social Club

I have limited time, so when I go to the gym I like to get after my workout and leave. Unfortunately, there seem to be so many girls nowadays that treat the gym like it’s a social club. They hog equipment for minutes at a time, taking long social breaks between sets.

Here’s a story I posted over at Roosh’s forum, the thread can be found here.

The abbreviated version goes like this:

I go to use a bench at the gym.

After 10 minutes a girl comes up to me and claims she is using it. She demands that I unrack my weight.

I refuse.

Bitch yells and flips out.

Her friends are on my side about the situation.

End result: Plenty of lulz.

To The Girl I Had To Let Go

I really doubt you’ll ever read this. My blog is stashed in some far corner of the internet that you’ll probably never visit. In the off chance that you do read this, you probably won’t even be sure that it’s about you. You know most of this stuff anyway.

First off I want to say that you are a great person. It’s rare to meet someone who had such loyalty and strength of character. You never cared about climbing the superficial ladder of society. You believed in helping people who were less fortunate and you did everything in your power to do so. You weren’t like the rest of those Ivy League bitches who were all talk and no action. The ones who would talk about world poverty, yet take their daddy’s money and spend it on themselves selfishly. You walked the walk and actually lived in some of the poorest countries in the world.

From the beginning you never flaked on me and never ran. I remember thinking how I surprised I was that I had met a girl who actually kept her word, was loyal, and meant what she said. I remember walking around downtown alone when I had that thought and laughing aloud. I was laughing at what a fucked up state of affairs dating nowadays was. How having those qualities immediately put a girl in the top 5%. How in the modern dating world it had become unnatural to foster a real human connection with someone. And over the months we did connect and not just superficially.

If I could go back in time I’d change when we met. If I had met you five years ago we’d probably still be together. Who knows whether it would last, but I’d be blissfully ignorant. I would never have had to navigate these muddy waters of today’s dating market. But it didn’t happen that way and I knew I had to let you go. If I was smart I wouldn’t have let us happen to begin with.

I actually worry a bit for you as you enter the dating world again. I know that you will be disappointed and it will make you sad. You’ll have to adapt like I did. I had to go against my loyal and caring nature and become somewhat emotionless. It’s not really who I am, but the results speak for themselves. It’s pretty sad that when a girl says ‘He’s a good guy’ it means you’re not getting anywhere with her.

If you permanently move to DC it will corrupt your soul. Fast forward five years and you probably won’t even recognize who you are in the mirror, but it’s your choice what to do with your life.

When you’re alone and lonely you still call me. Don’t worry cause  I won’t you shut you out. I’m sure when you find some guy  you’ll stop calling. I also know that you’ll be imagining the times we had when you’re with him. He won’t make you happy and satisfy you like I did, but you already know that.

You’ll be ok.


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